April 2012

DCR in Switzerland
The DCR editorial team spent a week in Switzerland, heavily packed with compact cameras, but it's not how taking along cameras used to be. Here's what we took: a Canon G10, a Pentax K2000 dSLR, two GoPro Hero2 in a 3D setup, two iPhone 4s, and two new iPads. What did we use most? Everything! Each device had its particular strengths. The giant screen of the iPads opened whole new vistas and were great for document capture as well, we did 3D video with the GoPros, we used the Pentax for great zoom shots, the workhorse Canon for tons of general shots, and the 360 app on the iPhones to capture those awesome Swiss landscapes. We used the iPhone and iPad cameras much more than anticipated (including Facebook uploads), and they were great to quickly show pictures to local friends. It's a whole new photography world out there! -- Posted Thursday, April 12, 2012 by chb

Olympus to pare camera lineup
Olympus Corp. will pare its lineup of digital camera products in an effort to return its money-losing camera division back to profitability, the company's President-nominee Hiroyuki Sasa said. We hope the mood will help Olympus return to its former glory soon! -- Posted Tuesday, April 3, 2012 by chb